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    The ZeroWasteLab believes that each one of us can make a difference in the transition into a zero-waste future. How can we turn the legacy for future generations into a gift? Let’s pull our creativity together and pledge our commitment! The life cycle of materials can change when we all start taking action and embrace our part of the shared responsibility.


    Step one: understand the system and set your intention!

    Currently, we are encouraged to consume, produce waste and pay for someone else to clean it up. Although waste creates jobs, the existing system is not adding value to our future, as the current life cycle of materials is ineffective at many levels: materials are at best being downcycled, water is being wasted and contaminated, air is being polluted.. We wish to contribute to designing a system that paves a way to a prosperous future where there is no waste and where all of life can thrive. Can you imagine it?


    Step two: stand your ground and take action!

    Many good practices are blooming — whether that includes going to beach cleanings, reducing your plastic footprint, contributing to a community composting project or moving your business towards a circular model — what matters is that you walk the talk your conscience whispers, by practicing these habits in your daily life, both personally and professionally. After that, just keep stepping up your goals, bravely and proudly. You will likely inspire many along the way, leading by example within your network.


    Step three: join a pro-zero-waste network!

    More and more networks are appearing - some are addressing organisations, others are focusing on individuals and others still on policymaking. Find a network that is aligned with your values, and join it today. It is fundamental that we pull together our creative minds, motivated hearts and eager hands to weave real change. And remember: this is not about a fight to be won, this is a future we must create together where life can thrive in all its beauty, for many generations to come.


    We believe that challenges that affect us all must be solved together.


    ZeroWasteLab was born out of the Creative Leadership Program at THNK Lisbon, as a direct answer to the challenge launched by the Municipality of Lisbon: how can we increase the prosperity of Lisbon citizens, by engaging all stakeholders in reducing waste?


    We are a non-profit association born out of the idea of creating a Hub and a Lab that collaborate, in order to mobilize society towards a change of behaviour in creating and managing waste, through actively involving people in researching and testing new ways to intervene on waste, accessible to all.



    • Connect in a network, through a digital platform, all the individual people and organizations motivated by the concept and lifestyle of zero waste, with a primary focus on plastic — platform coming soon;
    • Promote initiatives that mobilize local communities and organizations to reduce the use of plastic;
    • Make relevant content and knowledge from the network accessible to all, fuelling proactivity and civic engagement.


    • Creation of Zero Waste Laboratories, in physical spaces, where processes can be tested locally to redesign the life cycle of plastic and other materials;
    • Conception and incubation of pilot projects co-designed in the network, that allow the introduction and testing of new processes and behavioural changes in favour of waste reduction, that can be scaled in other contexts of the city, the country and the world.





    Coordination of Educational Project



    13 schools, 1 neighborhood Lumiar, 2000 students 6-12yrs old - LisbonWeek 2017 educational project.
    3 months: test and refine Oceanário de Lisboa's new project on
    Marine Plasticology. The Oceanarium scaled the project to 2000 schools during 2017.

    Beach cleaning with PlasticSunDays for 300 families. 3 months of artistic creations with plastic, coordinated by SkeletonSea. Final exhibition by the students at Parque das Conchas.



    Beach cleaning movement

    and educational dynamics


    Beach cleaning movement on Sundays & Sun Days + educational projects.

    Dynamic Facebook community, content sharing on plastic pollution, waste and practical tips.

    Organising team-building events with companies as well as educational activities with schools.


    Coordinating educational beach cleaning project accompanying the National Surf Championship Liga MEO Surf 2018.



    Machines transforming plastic waste

    into filament for 3D printing


    Educational installation of upcycling and the circular economy.

    Plastic0circular was manifested as a partnership between PlasticSunDays, Circular Economy Portugal and Better Future Factory, co-financed by Idanha Culta and Sê-Lo Verde Program and inaugurated at the Being Gathering 2017 in Idanha-a-Nova at its motherland, the Boomland.

    Currently at FabLabLisboa and being used as an educational tool at schools and public events across the country.



    Promoting debate and engaging constructive conversations on waste


    ZeroWasteLab is promoting 5 public sessions at the Mouraria Creative Hub, addressing the theme of waste and the circular economy, with dedicated specialists who inspire and challenge us to chart and steer the path towards zero waste.


    Recycle: Myths and Practices

    Reuse: Waste as Resource

    Repair: Long life or New life

    Refuse: Towards Zero Waste Lifestyle

    Rethink: Life Cycle of Materials




    LisbonFashionWeek eliminates plastic swabs from makeup backstage


    ZeroWasteLab challenged ModaLisboa – Lisbon Fashion Week — to eliminate plastic swabs from the backstage of make-up, choosing biodegradable (bamboo) alternatives instead and setting a good example.A first step on the path to a greater commitment in the near future.


    Aiming to inspire all makeup artists to take this step of transition, and to express their art more consciously for the planet.





    Reducing Plastic Pollution at Boom

    and in the world


    Engaging the theme of Activism, we are giving a talk at Liminal Village about Plastic Pollution + Showcasing plastic0circular machines at the EcoTechHub.

    Also coordinating Team of EcoGuardians, who will be exchanging ideas with those interested in taking deeper steps towards zero waste lifestyle and activism, while also collecting stories and inspiration from others treading similar paths, so we can connect and strengthen the global network of active engagement. While keeping the Boomland pristine.



    Purify Movement to promote active and conscious reuse


    ECO is an innovative refill solution for consuming quality filtered water, while drastically reducing the consumption of plastic. ZeroWasteLab is partnering with the Movement Purify, promoting conscious reuse as well as active participation and engagement on the side of the solutions.



    Pilot Project BIPZIP for waste reduction in the neighbourhood of Mouraria, Lisbon


    Collaborative project aiming to active and creatively involve the local community of Mouraria in the search for and implementation of solutions that significantly reduce waste in the neighbourhood, namely disposable materials, plastic and cigarette butts. Partnership with Renovar a Mouraria, Cozinha Popular da Mouraria, Portugal Sem Beatas, Mercado de Fusão, among others.


    November 19, 2018
    July 17, 2018

    ZeroWasteLab's Founding Team

    Miguel Moreira

    President of the Board


    Technology professional passionate for how science and human skills can best be
    combined for the progress of businesses and society. Coming from the corporate
    world, works as an independent advisor and entrepreneur mostly in the fields of
    digital education.

    Rosário Lago

    Vice-President of the Board


    A strong practical sense of service orients her towards different platforms of environmental consciousness, transforming her into an active and activist citizen.

    Caretaker, helps create the conditions and facilitates the flourishing of others.

    Cristina Sousa

    Secretary of the Board


    Forestry Engineer, ever-passionate about nature, has worked in natural resources management and rural development. Yet it is in the design and implementation of projects that she feels accomplished, giving shape to the various areas of motivation, environment, social causes, culture and creativity.

    Sara Morais Pinto

    Treasurer of the Board


    Passionate about provoking civic engagement around causes of social, cultural and environmental justice. Entrepreneur, specialist in collaborative networks, explorer of sources of financing for the sustainability of organisations.

    Ana Salcedo

    Member of the Board

    Chief Manifestor


    Enabler, manifestor, booster, creative spirit. Builder of possible and unlikely bridges, enthusiast of creative collaboration, courageous and responsible transformation, elevation of the human potential to the planet's harmonic vibration. Guardian of Magic, in service of Life.

    Livia Tirone

    President of the General Assembly


    Innovator, pioneer, architect, promoter, consultant, moderator, writer, editor, mother of two, exploring a full, fun, healthy life. A believer in perpetual learning and walking the talk of her passion and purpose.


    Patricia Filipe

    Vice-President of the General Assembly


    Explorer of knowledge and combinatorial creativity. Born communicator, impulsive storyteller. Despite being a marketing and communications manager, she will always be a biologist at heart. Ever fascinated by the sea, she invests in making environmental science interesting and understandable by all.

    Inez Aires

    Secretary of the General Assembly


    Yogini of body, mind and soul, collects skills.

    Explorer of space and time, she manifests her dreams into reality. Full time Nature lover. Interior and exterior Environmental Engineer.

    José Vale

    President of the Fiscal Council



    Ben Tirone Nunes

    Secretary of Fiscal Council


    Having studied environmental economics and management, the focus on waste and material life cycles in central to Ben's interests and action. His role in ZWL allows him to collaborate in creating the future he envisions.

    Pedro Mendes Ferreira

    Member of the Fiscal Council


    Lawyer with a postgraduate degree in economic criminal law, seeks in a pedagogical and constructive way, to be part of alternatives that allow public and private entities to be in defence of the environment and future generations,

    with respect of Human Rights against the most polluting European practices.

    Bernardo Gaeiras

    Project Initiator @ Thnk


    Explorer of the link between art and design, utopia and practice. Through a bottom-up approach, draws open-innovation tools and systems that support local creativity and sustainable development.

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